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Customized Safety Day

We recognize that your company has different training needs based on your team and the projects you are working on. CSSI is ready to adapt and customize your training day to your specific needs. Not only can you have a private in-house training on your site, on the date that you select, but now you customize the exact training topics to meet exactly the needs of your workforce. 

1. Select the topics you want presented for your day of training. 

2. List your choice of three dates you want the training delivered. 

3. Submit to CSSI.

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Training on Demand

As the preferred safety provider for MBI, CSSI is able to provide a full complement of training programs that can be customized to each and every client. If deficiencies in safety and risk management practices are identified during jobsite audits, CSSI pros can help create a means of addressing safety challenges through the educational and training programs offered by MBI's TOD service. This approach not only trains a worker, but takes great steps in changing behavior. 

Building a Safety Champion
A Leadership Series Committed to Safety Practices, Inspiring Safe Behavior, & Cultural Change Agents. 

Changing the culture in a company takes both time and energy and this is especially true with something as broad as safety. To help companies change their safety culture, CSSI has developed a program called Building a Safety Champion. 

By acquiring the expertise of Joe Melton, Director of Operations, CSSI was able to develop a curriculum that will guide an individual through subject matter that will enhance and change a participant's approach to individual and company-wide safety practices. Ultimately, this program is a way to instill practices aimed at building cultures within a company that desire to go beyond compliance in the pursuit of safety excellence. 

2023 Fall Class Dates: 

August 29-30, 2023

September 19-20, 2023

October 18-19, 2023

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