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Site Audits

CSSI’s team of professionals are well versed in conducting jobsite audits. Under the “Owner Approach”, a CSSI professional is designated to a site and is able to conduct daily, weekly or monthly site audits. In this role, an owner can be assured of a consistent monitoring of practices on their jobsite and CSSI’s regular presence will complement the overall safety goals of the project.  

Data Collection/Analysis

Through the use of a customize jobsite auditing tool, CSSI professionals have the capacity to delve deep into safety trends on a project. With each audit, new data points are collected to better understand how safety and risk management efforts on your project are progressing. Over time, CSSI safety consultants can more accurately determine contractor performance and provide feedback on how best to maintain a safe jobsite. 

Safety Plan Development & Review

Having a different perspective on your site-specific safety plan can add to a much more successful safety approach. CSSI safety professionals can be your partner in developing and implementing a safety plan for a specific project or by taking a much more comprehensive approach in reviewing your company’s construction safety manual.

Like any project, success starts with having a good plan. This is especially true with construction and achieving a safe project. CSSI professionals are well versed in structuring site-specific safety plans and manuals that cover multiple topics and keep contractors informed of owner-expectations on a project. 

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