The WORKSAFE program is the industry standard for project-specific safety. Since 2012, the partnership between CSSI and Iowa OSHA has helped to increase safety on nearly 800 projects statewide. Also, WORKSAFE is very prevalent at the Regent institutions. In fact, per the direction of the Regents, all projects valued at $500,000 has the requirement of utilizing WORKSAFE. The WORKSAFE requirement is part of the bidding documents and must be utilized by the prime contractor awarded the contract. CSSI is also seeing other public owners, as well as private-sector owners, take similar actions in requiring WORKSAFE on their respective projects.

Few programs set safety expectations on a project like WORKSAFE. WORKSAFE is a project-specific safety service that provides an owner the ability to establish safety protocols in the pre-construction phase that will last the duration of the project. WORKSAFE is a unique partnership that brings together CSSI and Iowa OSHA Consultation to the benefit of your project. With WORKSAFE, there is no better way to create safety expectations for your project.


Pre-Construction Safety Review

WORKSAFE is a customized job site safety approach, unique to each project owner and job site team. It is designed to assist contractors to be "safety proactive" through the different stages of implementation and execution. Since every project is unique, as part of the WORKSAFE process, a kick-off meeting is held with all contractors of the WORKSAFE project. During this meeting, hazardous activities are identified and discussed. Plans are then formulated as to how these hazards will be controlled. Best practices are determined and a plan of action is developed and delivered to all contractors by a CSSI Professional. Before interior subcontractors begin work, a second planning meeting can be added on longer projects for an additional fee. 

WORKSAFE Tiered Program

The WORKSAFE Tiered Program gives contractors the ability to accelerate the traditional WORKSAFE requirements. Each tier level has a higher degree of oversight and safety expectations that are required to the project site. The tiers are structured in such a manner to increase safety requirements by using higher levels of desired safety enhancements. Contractors can select from "Gold", "Silver", or "Bronze" levels, of which each has certain goals of attainment. Adhering to these requirements demonstrates an advance commitment to safety excellence and allows the site to prominently display a banner that shows the community the company's dedication to their workforce's health and well-being. 

Final Banners Images - Silver.png
Final Banners Images - Bronze.png
Final Banners Images - Gold.png

Project Recognition

An essential component of the program is making a statement to the public that safety is important to everyone on the project. A WORKSAFE Banner is provided for prominent display announcing that this site is a WORKSAFE project. The contractor can select a 10'x4' or a 5'x2' banner depending upon space. Every worker receives a WORKSAFE hardhat sticker for a constant presence that this is a WORKSAFE site. Every contractor enrolled in the program has the option to authorize a press release which will be sent on their behalf to reporting entities in the vicinity of the project. Another level of recognition is to promote the companies and their WORKSAFE projects throughout various communication devices to the construction community. 



WORKSAFE RECORD is a newsletter that highlights safety news, OSHA regulations, and recent WORKSAFE projects.



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